Wooden pony is one of the most painful torture devices

Wooden pony is one of the simplest but yet very effective torture devices. A big piece of sharpened wood was used for ages for tormenting females. When put on top of a hard edge, every woman starts feeling an extreme pain in her crotch area. I'm really pleased with the fact that there is a websites who is still using wooden pony BDSM torture to entertain Internet surfers.

Beverly Hills is one of the most popular porn stars who do hardcore and bondage scenes with same success. Being undressed and helplessly bound with torture devices is a very natural feeling for this busty pain slut. Today she is going to experience one of the hardest BDSM orgasms in her life.

Steel torture devices put on naked girlGirl BDSM torture with wooden ponyTorture devices forcing Beverly Hills to come

Before applying any torture devices to Beverly there are a few preparations had to be made. The girl is undressed and got a metal spread bar put around her neck. The both sides of this spread bar are used for cuffing girl's arms securely. Fully immobilized with heavy BDSM tool, naked woman looks really sexy.

There wooden pony used in the scene is made according to the medieval torture devices standards and Beverly Hills is feeling herself the same way as hundreds of witches were feeling during dark ages tortures. Please note that girl is having her legs also spread wide with a metal rod. Unable to move her feet, exposed BDSM girl is getting as much pain from the bizarre pain tool as possible. You should definitely take a look at the full length video of the scene because Beverly is having a row of strong orgasms at the very moment when she were riding bizarre wooden pony. Hearing her loud screams is just amazing!

Click the banner below to access the full version of this episode. The were many more bizarre torture devices applied to beautiful Beverly. Infernal Restraints has re-created those brilliant pieces of BDSM torture equipment to entertain you with the finest medieval bondage action possible. Everything is life true! Come in now and enjoy!

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