Forcing woman to have strong orgasm with nasty hanging torture

Men are always arguing about the best way of making women cum hard. I saw one BDSM movie lately and I think I know the answer. Little bit of bondage, kinky hanging torture and sex toy are going to deliver any given girl to the ultimate orgasm!

Girl in bondage is ready to have her orgasmsGirl is sexually teased and subjected to hanging tortureRope noose is strangling girl's neck

Yet another bondage victim was tormented in the chamber and every second of her taming was filmed on video. The recipe for the strong female climax is pretty simple: tie the slut to the chair, put a rope noose around her neck and place a vibrator in close contact with her pussy.

Tormenting sexy ass with sex toyInserting steel hook into girl's ass

Watch closely for the captive babe's cunt to get wet. Add little bit of hanging torment as soon pussy juices start to drip out of the vagina. Just pull the rope strangling the captive woman and soon after her body is going to be shaking in the continuous row of strong orgasms: just how we want it to end up!

Hanging tied up girl by her neck is just one way of making her cum. Putting steel hook in her asses is yet another way to force bondage babe to climax. This type of forced orgasms is also shown in the full-length movie you can watch right now at Hit the banner above to watch the way captive babe is having many orgasms with the steel hook in her ass and with rope noose strangling her neck firmly!

Crucifying torture for the two sexy gals

Crucifying a woman can become more exciting when there is not one but two hot girls are becoming spread-eagled on the cross and punished painfully. With blindfolds over their eyes sluts are going to scream in pain being unable to escape the bizarre bondage!

She is waiting for tortures to beginCrucified slaves are getting whipped
Two girls are tied up with leatherStriking tits with electric rod

What I am going to show you today looks like crucifixion but BDSM device is being used instead of the classic wooden cross. A set of steel pipes are bolted together in a structure where women are going to be bound back-to-back in a starfish poses. Looks pretty unusual but that is exactly what Device Bondage website is famous for: building weird tools and using them for torturing women!

You need flash to see this movie.

Cleverly designed device is forcing slaves to have their limbs to spread sideways and bound with leather belts. Any spot of the exposed bodies can be easily subjected to any kind of tortures you like. I think we should starts with whipping (bitches are going to enjoy receiving lashes in between of their legs) and then move to the breast torments. Nipple clamps followed with the electric shocking are going to be fun to watch taking subgirls to the limit!

These women spent the entire day in the Device Bondage BDSM chamber being tortured with bizarre devices. Both had loads of forced orgasms and you are welcome to watch it happening! Click the banner to access the full-length movie and browse hundreds of pictures. Are you ready to enjoy beauty in extreme pain?

MILF is locked in chastity belt and put behind the bars

Welcome to the bizarre prison where BDSM devices are being used for educating criminals. New inmate is just being delivered and there are a couple steel toys prepared for her to wear. Let's put yet another naughty MILF behind the bars.

It is not your ordinary prison: we are going to visit a very special correctional institution where both: men and women are being kept in the very same cells. Female inmates are normally getting undressed and put in BDSM restraints before being locked up. Ashley Renee is already there and waiting for the guards to take care of her.

Nude prisoner is locked in chastity beltSteel restraints for the nude mature womanSexual tease of the bound prisoner

Poor woman has to be restrained with not just one but with a whole set of BDSM devices. Stripped by force, mature subgirl is becoming handcuffed and there are small wire cages are being put over her arms. Keeping her limbs bent those are limiting her ability to move freely: what a kinky creation of someone's perverted mind!

BDSM devices are used for restraining the slutDenied orgasms prisoner tormentNude woman is put in prison

Last but not the least is the steel chastity belt Ashley Renee has to wear once in prison. This simple but yet effective device is going to stop the slutty mature from seducing male inmates. Female guard is using vibrator toy to take the MILF to the edge of orgasm and then throws her into the cell not allowing to cum. Not able to use her hands to masturbate, Ashley is going to feel warm in her crotch with no ability to reach climax. Maybe cell mates are going to help her to cum?

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Bondage blowjob and sexual torture are mixed together

Do you want busty bondage girl to suck your cock and then to swallow every drop of cum? You'd better do it with style for both to enjoy the process. For you to have the best blowjob ever and for her to be subjected to exquisite BDSM torture!

The setup is pretty simple and the recipe is provided by the Sexually Broken website. Submissive woman have to be undressed and sitting on the floor. Her hands to be tied behind the back with leather belts and her legs are to be spread wide. Vibrator has to be put in close contact with slave's cunt and turned on. Constant pussy stimulation would be a pleasure at the beginning but then, suddenly, it is going to become a sexual torture!

Woman is tied spread with leather beltsTortured with bondage and doing a blowjobBDSM slut is covered in cum

Then there goes the kinky bit: you have to use two additional belts to attach slut's head to a mechanical device at the back that will be directing her moves. When controlled by the electronics, cocksucking whore is going to be making only the precise movements performing the ultimate blowjob. Are you ready to test if it'll work?

Vibrator sexual tortureSlut is having her mouth full of cum

Turn the machine on and watch the way helpless woman is having her head drawn forward and backwards. Put your cock inside her throat and enjoy the most exciting BDSM blowjob in your life! The girl is also having a good time: in bondage and unable to move, chocking with your dick and drilled with vibrator, she is enjoying every second of the nasty BDSM torture! Are you ready to cum?

The full version of this scene is waiting for you at the Sexually Broken website. A movie and a bunch of pictures are there for you to enjoy every kinky detail of blonde cocksucker being trained the hardcore way! Prepare yourself for many dozens of other beautiful and submissive women who were subjected to nasty BDSM tortures and fucked for your viewing pleasure. Click the banner above to begin relishing in kinky combination of bondage and sex!

Chained girl is tortured with lots of orgasms

Tormenting women with pain is fun but what do you think about an idea of using pleasure as a tool for torture? Sounds crazy but think of restrained girl forced to have more orgasms than she can take! Pretty cool huh? There is even a special device was made for this kind of BDSM activity. Would you like t see it?

Steel tubes and chains were used by the Device Bondage crew for building the BDSM torture rack where girls are intend to be taken to the limit with extreme sexual pleasure. There is a powerful vibrator put in the middle for bondage slut to sit on. Shall we take a look at the thing being put in use?

Collared girl chained to BDSM deviceStrong bondage orgasmsGirl is cumming in chains

Slave Tara Lynn Fox was chosen to test the BDSM device. Nude and with her hands cuffed behind the back she is having a vibrating machine between her legs. Girl's ankles are screwed on to the floor with black leather belts not letting her to get off. Plus there is a set of heavy chains are holding her body motionless. Extremely heavy metallic collar is placed around Tara's neck turning her into one of the hottest BDSM slaves I've ever seen. Don't you think it is time to turn the vibrator on and enjoy the tease?

This BDSM device looks kinky but there are dozens of other were built by the guys from Device Bondage for tormenting women. Click the banner above right now to watch chained Tara getting all sweat from the countless orgasms she was forced to have and meet many of her sexy mates who were tortured in the very same studio along the years! It is time to see the weirdest BDSM torture devices ever!

Eyes, mouth and tongue BDSM torture

Boobs, pussy and ass are the spots of female body used normally for tortures. But what about woman's face? How do you feel about taking a helpless girl and subjecting her eyes, mouth and tongue to extremely painful torments?

Subgirl Elise is at the Infernal Restraints BDSM studio all nude and tied up to the wooden BDSM rack. A bunch of thick leather belts are holding the slut motionlessly but that is the minor of her troubles. Things much worse are to come: look at the pictures and you'll see woman is having her neck locked in between tight stocks: with no ability to move poor girl is ready for her face to be tortured.

Helpless slave is tied to BDSM rackShocking her eyes with electric currentSubjecting face to BDSM tortures

Eye opener comes first: captive slave is having her eaves spread wide with bizarre steel fixtures not allowing her to blink. Then it is time to put mouth spreader in use: a couple of wires are put inside the filthy mouth of hers leaving the girl with her jaws open. A huge clip is the last thing that makes this scene perfect: with her tongue clamped and pulled out Elise looks absolutely crazy!

BDSM slave with an eye spreaderWired eyes of a helpless BDSM subgirl

Seeing woman being subjected to a BDSM torture like this is bizarre but even more painful thing is next on the list. Check out a couple of wires attached to slave's eyes channeling high current straight into her eyeballs! Pictures are just cannot express the amount of pain tied up woman is experiencing... Luckily, there is a movie about this scene available where you can enjoy all the kinky moves tortured woman is making when shocked with electricity in bondage!

Click the banner above to visit Infernal Restraints website and watch the video about the scene described. Elise spent many hours in extreme pain and you don't want to miss a single second of an intense action. Please don't forget about hundreds of other sexy women who were tormented in the very same chamber: hit the banner to access pictures and movies right now!

Bondage woman is put in suspension witht the bizarre BDSM torture rack

Some tortures can be done in just minutes while other needs lots of time to be performed. Here is a good example of a sophisticated BDSM torment where there a lot of bizarre equipment was used for taking beautiful woman to her very limit.

It took Device Bondage crew lots of time setting up the scene. Darling is one of the sexiest BDSM models around and she deserves only the best torture devices to be bound with. Busty MILF spent an entire day surrendering her hot body to the weirdest pain tools you can ever think of. You can enjoy them all in action in the full-length movie (click the banner below to access it instantly). In this post I would like to walk along one of the scenes where nude Darling is being bound and hung with chains.

Whipping the pussy of a leather-bound MILFTeasing bound woman sexually with the vibrator

It all started with the nude woman put on top of the chair, bound with lots of tight leather belts and a kinky head mask was put around her face and neck. All the mentioned bonds are left poor Darling motionless and with no ability to make noises: isn't she a perfect sub for testing BDSM torture equipment?

This torture device is for suspending women with chainsTits clamped with mousetraps in this BDSM torture

Unable to speak or move, bound woman was subjected to a long sexual tease where her pussy has been worked out with whip and vibrator. Bound whore became wet pretty soon and juice started dripping from her cunt: looks like the prefect time to bring the pain to the maximum! The chair has been removed from underneath the bondaged female leaving her hanging on chains. This torture looks nasty but there is still something we can do to make it even worse! How about putting tight mousetraps on top of each of her boobs? Bound, suspended and with her nipples clamped, Darling is going to have unforgettable time cumming in constraints for half an hour straight!

Guys from the Device Bondage website have the full version of this BDSM torture shot on video and available for you to enjoy. You just have to click the banner above to access the movie and the full set of pictures. Go there now to see Darling suffering extreme pain under bizarre BDSM tortures and meet hundreds of her sexy mates who were tormented and trained previously. You are just one click away from the world of beautiful women in extreme pain: hit the banner and start enjoying right now!

Making bondage sex more exciting by bringing in the BDSM torture

Bondage sex can be made more exciting by bringing kinky devices into the action. Using just a couple of BDSM torture tools can make it funnier for both: you and the submissive slut. Do you want an example?

Girl is locked in BDSM stocks and fuckedBDSM stocks and ass hook torture

Lyla is very sexy and submissive damsel. Just think of how nice it is - to have her nude, tied up and lying in your bed available for any kind of sexual intercourse! But we can make this feeling even better by using just classic wooden stocks and an ass hook! Guys from Sex and Submission website were kind enough to share pictures and video so why don't we take a look at that happening?

Bondage slut is bangedBlowing cock during the BDSM torture

Bondage sex is getting utterly intense when mixed with BDSM tortures. Look: Layla looks so sexy and vulnerable when put on her knees and locked in the wooden stocks. Master can do almost anything with each of her holes and slavegirl can do nothing about that. Where would you like to start: with her throat, pussy or, maybe, tight ass?

There is a full-length movie of this scene can be enjoyed at the Sex and Submission site right now. Just click the banner above to start watching the submissive gal si getting banged while tortured with BDSM device. Wooden stocks and bondage sex is a perfect combination and you do not want to miss this crazy mix in action! Click the banner to starts downloading pictures and the video!

Whipping punishment of the naked female who is wearing metal torture device

Very few things can beat good old whipping when it comes to torturing females. What can make it better is bizarre steel device for a girl to wear during the punishment. Would you like to take a look at one right now?

Nude and chained, this beautiful damsel had spent lots of time in the Pain Gate dungeon. Here comes the master to take her to the torture chamber for yet another punishment. He pulls the chain leash and drags helpless girl by the collar she is wearing. Let's follow them and see what is going to happen!

Chained girl is kept naked in the torture dungeonChained female is taken to the torture chamberWoman is locked in bizarre BDSM device

The girl is being locked in bizarre medieval torture device. It is basically a set of chained hoops made from old rusty metal. This thing prevents the female to stand straight, forcing her to bend a little and expose her ass which is perfect for the whipping. Shall we start?

Cuffed girl is about to be whippedLashing the girl that is bound with steelTorturing female with whipping

With her hands handcuffed above the head, poor girl cannot protect herself from whopping lashes. Master is using the single-tailed whip to torture the female. Going around in circles, he is leaving painful red marks all over slut's body, paying the majority of his attention to her ass. Chained slave becomes sweaty pretty soon in a hail of extreme lashes. The only thing I am upset with is the fact that you cannot hear the sounds tortured female is making - but there is no need to worry!

Pain Gate has the full-length movie about this scene where you can enjoy these sexy screams and moans handcuffed woman is making when being hit with a whip! You just have to click the banner above to go there and you'll be watching the video in no time! Don't forget about hundreds of other very beautiful females who were tortured with all kinds of corporal punishments and whippings! Each of the sluts was filmed and you are invited to enjoy the movies. Click the banner to begin now!

BDSm girl is tortured with hot wax poured into her open ass

Device Bondage is famous for it's addiction to extreme BDSM techniques and all kinds of cruel bondage toys. But today they overcome themselves with the weirdest torture I've even seen! Come on in and watch hot wax to be streamed into the bound girl's ass!

Hot wax is poured into BDSM slave's assKneeling BDSM girl is torturedViolating ass with sex toys, spreader and hot wax

Subgirl under the nickname of Siouxsie Q is ultimately tough! Being restrained with rubber armbinder, attached to BDSM rack and having her belly tortured with dozens of clothes pegs wasn't enough make her cum. Steel handcuffs, pussy clamping, bamboo stick whipping and massive sex toys showed themselves better but didn't completed the job. A truly bizarre BDSM torture is required to break that bitch! Do you have any ideas?

Put on all fours, chained and torturedHot wax torture of an ass that is open wide

Device Bondage had confirmed its status of the craziest BDSM website around by doing the following. They put poor Siouxsie on all fours and restrained her with chains. Then they put an ass spreader into her butt and poured lots of hot was right inside her ass hole! Using hot wax on tits and belly is normal but streaming it inside the ass is totally crazy!

Do I have to mention that the entire ass hot wax BDSM torture was filmed on video and can be enjoyed at the Device Bondage? You only have to click the banner above to get there, watch the entire scene and browse through couple of hundreds of pictures. Seeing girl under heavy BDSM tortures is cool but hearing her screaming and begging to stop is just priceless! Click the banner now to start enjoying!

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